JANA LAM Puakenikeni Fanny pack

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A pair of golden shears (scissors), an amazing shelving or storage unit, a sleeper sofa that is plush yet modern and easy to handle…all are utilitarian yet beautiful. As is the incomparable Fanny (pack/crossover sling), created by the incomparable Steph Kaji. It’s as pretty as it is useful. It’s compact and cute but it will carry the things you need, for reals. When you’re traveling, or just on the go go go it’s the perfect piece to have slung or hung to you. It’s even got pockets (are pockets not the best part of life?) to keep the necessities right where you need them. I ❤️ Fanny.

Details: 7" width x 4.75" height x 2.5" depth Features full width front zipper pocket, and 12" top compartment zipper opening Waist/chest strap with clasp and ring closure measures from 33" to 52" (includes bag width)

Made in Honolulu, Hawai‘i, USA